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Connect with your Mind, Body and Soul, Spirit, Mother Earth and your Sisters...


The Boo Babes

Ariel & Ashley's New Youtube Channel

A new spooky Youtube channel where two intuitive witches go on mystical adventures together and share all they experience with the world, along the way!


Six Months Of In Person Women's Circles

$55 CAD Per Circle Or $300 CAD For All Six Circles 

A divine feminine experience...

Facilitated in Shelburne Ontario in Ashley's Home or another magical location nearby, these Women's Circles are a safe haven for the feminine. These Circles will run from February to July 2024. 

Included: Heart expanding cacao ceremony, healing and loving Women's Circle, various fun practices, activities, meditations, teachings and rituals, snacks and beverages and a like-minded community to call home.

10 Spaces available.


The Cosmic Pearl Oracle Deck

$39 CAD

I created an Oracle Deck with my friend and publisher Leah! 

It is a dream come true and so exciting! 

This deck is a powerful tool that honours the divine feminine archetype, particularly Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. 

By tapping into this energy, it invites you to embrace your own inner goddess, fostering self-love, empowerment, and a deep connection with the divine. 

Infused with the purest and highest love, channeled through by Aphrodite and the Angels, this oracle deck acts as a source of healing and aligned guidance. Its cards carry light codes of the sea and the higher realms. 

Whether you seek clarity, direction, or support on your spiritual journey, this deck provides the answers you need. 

By incorporating this deck into your daily practice, you open the door to transformative experiences. It empowers you to step into your personal power, release limitations, and embrace a life filled with love, purpose, and spiritual growth. 

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