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Hello there! My name is Ashley.

Aries Sun, Capricorn Moon & Virgo Rising.

33 dances around the Sun. 

I am an intuitive Channel/Medium, Spiritual Mentor, Oracle Card Reader, Women's Circle Facilitator, Singer, Writer, Wife and a Mom to three beautiful little girls. 

I LOVE cats, mermaids, fairies, the colour pink, reading, writing, singing, bathing in nature & all things mystical!

I love holding space for the feminine to heal and tap into their inner power while stepping into an aligned, peaceful, fulfilling life where they may feel confident fully expressing themselves and diving into their abundant potential.

It wasn’t until my early 20’s during my dark night of the Soul that my Clairaudience (hearing) really started to open up. I explored my connection with Spirit, took many leaps of faith and practiced under a Mentor.

The rest feels like history and now I’m here living a Soul led life and loving it.

I started my soul led business around 6 years ago (part time) via Facebook, My Website & In Person. I created my Instagram business account in 2020 and that's when I really leaned into heart centred service full time.  

I now offer a wide variety of Virtual Mentoring/Coaching, Workshops, Classes, Activations and Events, Readings, Memberships, Meditations, Women's In Person Circles and I couldn't possibly feel more lit up!

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