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Ashley Frost is a girl Mama, Wife, Mystic, Singer, (check her out on Spotify) Writer, Women's Circle Facilitator, Author and Co-Creator of: “The Cosmic Pearl Oracle Deck” and Co-Founder of "The Boo Babes" on Youtube. 

Her big three are: Aries Sun, Capricorn Moon and Virgo Rising.

Ashley loves holding space for the divine feminine to heal and tap into their inner power while stepping into an aligned, peaceful and fulfilling life where they may feel confident to fully express themselves while diving into their abundant potential.

Ashley has been writing songs, poetry and short stories since she was a small child and she holds the ability to channel spirit directly through her writing and creations.

She has a clear, activated and practiced connection with the higher realms, most specifically Angels and the Fae.

Ashley believes she is a bridge between the unseen and the physical realm.

She is a divine conduit and messenger for Spirit and is passionate about helping others and uncovering the unknown secrets of the Universe. 

Ashley runs a soul led business called: Pink Mermaid Diaries which has shifted and expanded over the past seven years.

Ashley is also pink obsessed, loves animals, enjoys helping others and spreading as much love as possible collectively. 

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